“300 Workout,” Functional Version

I haven’t posted in almost a year due to school and family commitments. So I figured I’d come back with a really cool routine that I came up with that’s easy to fit into my schedule, can be modified based on time/level of fitness (less reps and/or less sets), and with minimal equipment and moving through the gym, or at home. Hopefully this is something that could help you out as well.

I’m calling this a “Functional Version” of those 300 workouts since it makes sure to target all of the major muscle groups through various planes of motion.

Check it out and let me know what you think! Or just curse me out:

Note: DBBP=Dumbbell Bench Press, DBSP=Dumbbell Shoulder Press


Circuit 4 rounds:

30 TRX rows (or bodyweight)

30 trx squat jumps (or free-standing)

30 trx push ups (or regular push ups)

30 trx ham curls (Or Swiss Ball Ham Curls)

30 trx knee tucks (Or Swiss Ball Knee Tucks)

30 trx side plank each side (Or regular side plank)

30 DB shoulder presses

100 jump ropes


Circuit 4 rounds:

30 alternating  on swiss ball

30 alternating lunges each leg

Max Pull Ups (If you can’t do a pull up, or very many, Hang at the top of a pull up as long as possible, then bottom as long as possible, or Jump into the pull up, then lower slowly)

30 good mornings

30 med twists each side (60 total)

30 ab wheels

20 kb clean to shoulder press each arm

100 jump ropes


Circuit 4 rounds:

30 two arms swings

30 alternating side lunges each leg

30 air squats

30 push ups

30 DB rows each arm

15 each leg single rdl

20 burpee to dbsp

30 pikes

30 windshield wipers

100 jump ropes

Good luck!


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