Why I’m Vegan

Whenever I tell someone I’m vegan, I immediately get a perplexed look from someone who now thinks they’re talking to an alien. The typical questions I am then asked are, “Why???????????????!!!!!!!!”, “What do you eat?” and of course, “Where do you get your protein?”

This blog post will answer the first question only. Tune in to my later posts regarding nutrition! But for now, here’s why I’m vegan:

1. The Animals

After reading how animals are tortured on factory farms, in slaughterhouses, and for cosmetics and research in Skinny Bitch, I made the connection that what was on my plate went was once a living, breathing being that lived its short life in a perpetual nightmare. I quit meat then and there.

I then reaffirmed these beliefs by watching moves like “Earthlings,” “The Cove,” and “Blackfish.” I highly recommend those movies. I also recommend “Fast Food Nation” for more information on the horrid conditions the animals live in as well as the recent Rolling Stones article about animal cruelty.

2. The Environment

Did you know it takes 1799 GALLONS of water for a pound of beef to get to your plate? In comparison, it only takes 25 gallons to make one pound of wheat. You can feed a lot more people using up way less resources on a vegan diet. The greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock industry are also contributing to the destruction of our environment.

3. Health

Before I went vegan, I was a giant tub. All of the magazines I read told me that meat, and dairy products would lead me to huge, lean muscles. Instead, I was lead to a huge gut, pain all over my body, and constant lethargy. Once I decided to go vegan, I went from 210 pounds down to 155 in around six months while barely working out due to injuries.

As your meat consumption amounts go up, so do your risks for diabetes, obesity and cancer. We keep looking for cures for these diseases while ignoring the obvious ways we can prevent them.

Then there’s the unregulated nature of the meat industry, leading to frequent massive recalls and fox meat ending up in your donkey meat. Say what??!!

4. Creativity

This isn’t often mentioned as a reason for why people go vegan, but for me personally, my whole menu has opened up since my lifestyle change! I used to think about what I wanted to eat based one what animal product I hadn’t eaten that day. “I had bacon for breakfast, so I guess it’s a chicken burrito for lunch and a burger for dinner.” Now I eat all kinds of vegetables, meals from a variety of cultures, and make my own food far more often since I can’t just stop at the nearest fast food hellhole. “Chloe’s Kitchen” has my favorite recipes.

5. A Life of Compassion

A long time ago, I dedicated my life to preventing the suffering of others. This has translated into becoming a personal trainer in order to help my clients live a happier, healthier life. But it also means raising awareness about the injustice taking place around the world. There is far too much human and animal suffering, so anything I can do to change this, I will. I believe that the first step I truly took in this direction was becoming vegan.

Thanks for reading!



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